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USFDA Approved
Approved by USFDA for varicose veins sealing


  • Safe, Quick, Easy application, minimized chances of scars with Anti-Septic Action
  • Bio-Compatible, Biodegradeable, Non-Toxic, Haemostatic & Bacteriostatic
  • Offers optimum adhesion with faster tissue bonding
  • FDA approved, over 40 years of clinical experience with more than 1000 articles published worldwide
  • Reduces the risk of post surgical infection and trauma

3 Years of Shelf Life
We are one among the only few companies offering longer shelf period assuring product quality.


ENT Surgery: Tympanic perforations and internal hearing apparatus

Dental Surgery: Dental implants, Periodontal surgery, Gingivectorny, Extracting sites, Dental Naps

General Surgery: Laparotomy, Hernia, Appendicitis and small wound surgical and non surgical incisions

Plastic Surgery: Cleft lip, Excision of scars, Skin graft

Gynaecology: Episiotomy, Cesarean section, Tubectomyorneal

Gastroenterology: Oesophageal/gastric Varicis

Orthopaedic: Tendon repair, Bone graft, Cartilage binding

Surgical oncology: Thyroid and Breast malignancy surgery

Paediatric: Lacerations, Hernia, Cleft palate, Cleft lip

Haemostatic: The first device to permanently treat varicose veins by venous sealing

Available in Glass Ampoules
Offering better product preservation & stability

How to apply EPICLOS

  • Approximate the wound edges precisely. Forceps can be used to hold the edges of the skin in case of larger wounds
  • Apply a thin layer of Epiclos throughout the approximated wound and allow it to dry for about 2 minutes
  • Epiclos is sterile tissue adhesive for sinale use. Please discard the left over adhesive
  • In case of accidental adhesion. Epiclos tissue adhesive can be removed with acetone
  • Please make sure the adhesive is in liquid form. Do not use viscous adhesive

Quick Adhesive
Binds tissues faster than sutures, It polymerizes & solidifies within a minute on contact with body moisture and seals the wound almost immediately.

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